Kimberly Ruiz

Community Relations

Kimberly “Kim” Ruiz has lived in San Jose for most of her life. She attended Middle School and High School in the West Side and is proud daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico. Growing up she noticed the discrepancies between communities and the language barriers for resources and wanted to do something about it. She learned that she could use her personal experiences to help others in her community and that is what she has been doing in her personal and professional life.  

Most recently Kim, was a program coordinator for Project Access at Foxdale Village Apartments where she worked with underserved youth and their families. Here she learned the importance of providing families with more accessible resources and looking through issues through an equity lens.  

During her free time, Kim enjoys going on walks and bike rides. She also loves spending time with her husband and friends. Kim has also picked up the craft of making handmade earrings out of polymer clay.