Roberto Gonzalez

Community Relations

Roberto Gonzalez was born and raised in East Side San Jose. His parents began working at the Berryessa Flea Market when they immigrated from Mexico in 1992. He and his siblings have helped run the family business selling piñatas and dulces Mexicanos for almost 30 years at La Pulga.  

Recently he and fellow vendors formed the Berryessa Flea Market Vendors Association to organize and advocate for the continuance of the market, protect livelihoods and ensure everyone has a seat at the table. This experience has led to him advocating for more community inclusion in the city's decision-making process. One of his goals is to help the communities in District 5 have a stronger voice and more say on changes that will affect their lives. On his free time, he enjoys going on walks with his wife and two pitbull’s Chiquis and Hades. He also has two older sisters and loves to spend time with them and his 5 nieces and nephews 

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